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what are these?

found in a drawer at my parents' house -- along with my grandmother's sewing and knitting materials, though this may be a red herring... they are b00bsize! but this too may not be relevant --:o

what are these (upside down)?
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i have been in PORTO with my pal T, then shropshire with my niece t (and plus her parents)

I will write up Porto when I'm less sleepy, but for now just to say I was this weekend mainly sorting out mum and dad's books with a view to getting rid of quite a lot of them -- a task at once melancholy and difficult, since 99% of them of course remind me of mum or dad, or their mums and dads, and all manner of fleeting enthusiasms right back to the 1920s, and i am intensely attracted to the half-forgotten projects of others, and inclined to adopt them as my own... i even found my dad's mum's dad's hand-written college lecture notes, dated 1896

I brought several bags of books to London with me, plus a bookcase to house them. Installing that just now I found that one of its adjustable shelf pegs had vanished long ago, and had been replaced by a pencil stub, with a strip of paper wrapped round one end so that it fits snugly into the correct hole: I'm guessing the original peg fell out when we were moving house, maybe 35 years old, or even 50-odd, depending which move. And that made me sad too, wondering if it was mum's or dad's short-term make-do solution...

fitz village tree-line, easter monday 2011 )
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just back from portugal last night, off up to shropshire for oestre pagafest in a few mins -- will write up former when i arrive (and decompress): it was BRILLIANT, with lots of funny adventures packed in hurrah

easter will be combination happy and sad: i anticipate much egg-bound fun with t!lly, but we are starting in earnest to close down dad's house and sell stuff, now his affairs are in order; i am not greatly attached to the furniture or the ten billion plates mum has piled away in cupboards, but oh! the BOOKS! i don't have room for them all (or even a hundredth part of them) in my little flat, and saying goodbye to all the ones i never read yet will be a massive wrench :(

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